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Meet Us

Websites in a Flash is part of a team of independent website developers and designers from around the country working together to help each other make great websites. Here is some of the team:

Michael Brandt Ashton Sanders Ross Heintzkill

Our Purpose

We are dedicated to taking the pain and struggle out of website development and replace it with excitement and fun without leaving quality, professionalism or practicality behind.

We pride ourselves in our willingness to try new things. We enjoy tackling a problem and fighting it out until all the evil beasts of the internet have been slain to leave you with your very own gorgeous, pride-inspiring website! From the world wide web to dragon slaying to video editing, we can help you get it done. Just because we are a "Website Shop" doesn't mean we can't help you defeat the powers of evil. We must warn you that when confronted with a new challenge it can be very hard to stop us from tirelessly working and learning about it until we defeat the challenge.

Our Policies

To read about our company policies, visit our Customer Service Policies Page.

Our History

For Information reguarding the history of Websites in a Flash, visit our History Page.

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