Ashton Sanders

Introduction to Ashton Sanders and his work at Websites in a Flash.

All-Around Web Nerd / President

Ashton Sanders

Ashton Sanders

Meet Ashton Sanders

Ashton Sanders likes snowboarding, Weird Al, sparkling cider and construction. He enjoys a good nerdy discussion and the challenge of a complicated web app or website.

Growing up as a Boy Scout in Los Angeles allowed him to gain a love for the outdoors and wildrness. He has since gotten married and moved to a ranch in small town, Montana followed by a ranch in small town Oregon where neighbors are still awesome. His wife, Anna Sanders (pictured), runs the administrative side of Websites in a Flash.

Ashton Sanders is the driving fource behind Websites in a Flash. He founded the company with his brother in early 2003 and loves the challenge of Website Development.

Ashton's Personal Websites/Projects:


Ashton's Favorites

Here's a selection of Ashtons Favorite Websites to design, develop or work on:

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute Website
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

Carter Cutlery Website
Carter Cutlery

Wheels and Wildlife Alliance Website
Wheels and Wildlife Alliance