Michael Brandt

Introduction to Michael Brandt and his work at Websites in a Flash.

Website Developer

Michael Brandt

Michael Brandt

Meet Michael Brandt

Mike is a recent transplant to Montana who grew up outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He met Ashton on a summer trip, and soon after decided to make the move to Montana and join the Websites in a Flash team. The promise of being able to start his own business in website development was too good to pass up.

While he doesnt have a background in politics, one of Mike's recent aspirations is to become the mayor of the town in which he lives. When he is the mayor, big changes can be expected.

Mike is one of the members of the Websites in a Flash team that can grow a decent beard.

Mike's Personal Websites:


Mike's Favorites

Here's a selection of Mike's Favorite Websites to design, develop or work on:

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute Website
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

Carter Cutlery Website
Carter Cutlery

Wheels and Wildlife Alliance Website
Wheels and Wildlife Alliance