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OriginOil™, Inc. is developing a breakthrough technology that will transform algae, the most promising source of renewable oil on Earth, into a true competitor to petroleum. OriginOil has already created a number of amazing breakthroughs in the Algae Industry, and they use their website to show these discoveries to the world.

Website Description

OriginOil had a good website that was run with Joomla. There were a few things they wanted their website to do that it wasn't doing, namely:

  1. Display the same in every browser
  2. Load faster
  3. Improve automation and updatability.

We re-developed the website with table-less, valid HTML/CSS and decreased the size of the website page from 700kb to under 200kb.

We also converted the website into Wordpress for easy updating and automation. Now it's easy for OriginOil Staff to update their own website.

The OriginOil website was designed by the amazing Rigney Graphics.

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