Psychiatrists Diagnosing Normal Children…

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To begin this post, I have a questions:
1) Why doesn’t everyone know about this?

In my searching the web today, I found this article:

Leading Psychiatrist Admits Normal Children Are Diagnosed With Mental Disorders
Statement Adds to Controversy over Drugs Prescribed for Questionable Psychiatric Diagnoses

With increasing international concern about the large number of children labeled with so-called psychiatric disorders and prescribed mind-altering drugs, even the pioneer of psychiatry’s billing bible and “godfather of ADHD,” Dr. Robert Spitzer, has now admitted that normal children are being labeled. Spitzer, a Columbia University psychiatrist, told BBC2 that children experiencing perfectly normal signs of being happy and sad are being labeled as mentally ill. While admitting this, he stopped short of informing BBC viewers that there is no scientific evidence that any of the millions of children so diagnosed have any physical abnormality that justifies the diagnosis. Nor that because of this, psychiatrists cannot agree on who is sick and who is well. Yet despite this fallible “science,” worldwide sales of psychotropic drugs prescribed to treat “mental disorders,” including stimulants antipsychotics and antidepressants, now exceed $80 billion annually.

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It’s a shame…
-Ashton Sanders

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