Good People – A Rarity

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Isn’t is strange how just a simple act of kindness can make such a huge impact on you? After so many days of being surrounded by negativeness, it’s so refreshing when someone comes out of nowhere and helps you out for no reason. Isn’t it amazing that you get long holds and crappy service from companies that you have paid hundreds to thousands of dollars to?

I recently stumbled upon a thread where a man I admire sincerely for his selflessness and steadfast morals was smeared with as many lies as there were words on the page. It was actually quite disturbing to read… Why do people have to drag down good people?

Then without warning, some random guy you’ve never met or seen pops out of nowhere and spends an hour to help you out. He doesn’t get paid by a company, he doesn’t get anything out of it, and then when you ask him what you could do in exchange, he practically refuses it. It’s straight out of the Boy Scout Handbook, and is an amazing experience.

I’ve recently had a huge problem with an extremely complex flash movie that I was making. I was getting near the end, but this problem would force me to completely recreate it… I was sick with dread. I called Adobe’s customer support yesterday, and after an hour on hold, I reached a support representative with a very thick accent. He was very knowledgeable in the subject I was having trouble with, but I don’t think he actually duplicated my problem. Anyway… I learned nothing from him (except another way to pronounce “schema”).

So as a last ditch effort, I posted a request for help at the Flash Kit Board. I got a reply from this guy named Chris Seahorn from krazyaboutpizza (The website is down now, so I have removed the link). To make a medium story short, Chris downloaded my file, found out what was wrong and let me know that I had a simple publishing setting set incorrectly.

Sure, it probably wasn’t that hard for him to figure it out, but maybe it was. And he just saved me endless hours of turmoil and reprogramming. To say the least, I was happy. I put up some links to his site, and asked if I could do anything for him. He practically refused anything and the links.

The world needs more people like Chris Seahorn.

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-Here’s to all the people working to make this world a better place!
-Ashton Sanders

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