1and1.com – Service Review #2

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Today was my first day of real annoyance with 1and1.com. (Click to see my last Service Review of 1and1.com.)

Today, all of my website I had hosted with them went down for about 2 hours. When my server crashed, I was on the phone with a client doing tweaks on a website, and the site would not come up any more…

But the worst part of it all was I had just convinced a client to switch over to 1and1.com, and they had just published an ad in the LATimes. So they had all these people coming to their site… and it was down for two hours…

Of course I can’t really blame 1and1.com. Electronics fail all the time, but still… for three years with GoDaddy, I never had my site go down (that I know of=]).

-Ashton Sanders

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