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WiaF MascotWho is a ridiculous web host you ask? Well I’m sure there are lots of answers to that, but here is one good one: Network Solutions.

I’m only going to cover the topic of Domain Registration:

Godaddy: $8.99 /year $5.99 /year

Network Solutions: $34.99/year

What!! Are you serious?!?! It’s not like you can have high-quality Domain Registration. You either own the domain or you don’t… Thats it, and they are charging three to six times the price for the exact thing. It’s not like being a big name registrar makes you better at registering domains.

Oh but you do get a deal with network solutions if you buy for multiple years. you can get down to $9.99 if you buy 100 years!.

That just makes me sick! I can’t believe they get away with that. It’s just another example of how easy it is to rip people off on the internet.

-Ashton Sanders

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