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Search Engine Optimization vs Website Design

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Earlier I wrote a post about the Basics of Search Engine Optimization.

In this post I’ll be delving a little deeper into the basic principles that are used to create the basic rules of Search Engine Optimization.

Text is King I mentioned earlier how Search Engines can only index text. They can’t see pictures, movies, music, etc. Pictures can become a very easy substitute for text if you are not careful. Many clients want that button to have a unique font with a nice shadow, which is totally fine… but not as good as having straight text.

So there is definitely a balance between Design and Search Engine Optimization. You want your site to be aesthetic enough for visitors to not be repelled, but you don’t want it so picture heavy that no one finds your site as the search engines can’t tell what your site is about.

“But you can add alternate text (alt attribute) to your images!”

Yes you can add alts, so that if you image doesn’t load, you can have text appear in its place… but search engines know that there is really no way for visitors to see that text. So alt text will never have as much power as straight text or a “h1”.

On the other hand, if your site is entirely text, with no images, you won’t ever create a conversion. Images are needed to add live and personality and style to a website.

The Balance of Search Engine Optimization and Website Design.
-Ashton Sanders

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