Network Solutions Does It Again…

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WiaF MascotYou may have read my previous rants on Network Solutions. If you haven’t, I’ll give you a quick run-down.

Network solutions, charges you a lot of money for normally inexpensive services. I’m not talking just a couple more buck; I’m talking six times what I’m paying. I pay $6/year for domain, Network Solutions charges $35/year.

If that doesn’t make you hate them, this might:

I got a client who had a domain registered there, and it was about to expire. Instead of paying $35/year, I recommended transferring their domain to a good domain registrar and pay $6-9/year. So I called in to transfer it.

I started the first transfer, and the email was sent to the wrong email address. (My fault.)

So I fixed the WhoIs information, and started the domain transfer request again. Nothing happened… (Network Solutions’ fault)

I called in again. Unfortunately, the domain had expired by this time, and they said I’d have to register for a year to unlock the domain. Well I didn’t want to pay $35 because they didn’t send an email that they should have. Finally after calling three or four times, I got someone who knew what they were doing and unlocked my domain.

I got the approval email, and I approved the transfer. Yeay! Now I only need to wait 7 days to get it to domain transfered. I was about to leave for a couple weeks, but that shouldn’t matter. The transfer has already begun, and the domain will be transfered.

Oh wait… my mistake… I forgot how BAD Network Solutions was.

I get back from my trip to find the domain hasn’t transfered yet… I call them up to find:

“I’m sorry, but this domain has been transfered to one of our partner companies, and I don’t have access to it.”

“So basically instead of transferring my domain to a different host, you transfered it to a domain scalper that’s going to charge me $1000 to get my domain back…”

Thank You Network Solutions! Keep up your horrible customer service, and America will catch on (slowly, but they will).

-Ashton Sanders

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