Keeping your Email Address Away from Spammers

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There are many ways that spammers use to acquire email addresses. Some set up fake websites that request emails, and say they’ll give you a 1337″ flat screen TV if you do. Others buy the addresses or hack databases for them, etc.

Some have bots that search the internet for email addresses. The bots search a web pages code for “*@*.com” for example (where * = any amount of characters.) Some bots also search for “mailto:*@*.com” which is the HTML code that you would use to allow a user to click on the link to email you.

Is there a solution? Yes there is! You can replace the certain characters that the bots search for with their html entity code.

For example:

“m” translates into “m”

Phoenix Development put together a little form that will automatically turn your email address into unrecognizable gibberish, that will be translated fine by an Internet Browser.

Email Encoder

-“Spammers are annoying”
-Ashton Sanders

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