Liberty Names of America – Scammers


Liberty Names of America – Domain Scammers

is yet another great example of Jerks trying to get a lot of money for nothing.

My wife has a website for her horse business called (Trakehner is a breed of horse.) We have this domain registered with 1&1 for $7/year.

Today, I got a letter in the mail from Liberty Names of America saying that my domain was coming up for renewal, and by filling out this form and paying $29/year, I could renew my domain name with Liberty Names of America! what a great deal! I can also get the .org and .net variants of my domain for the same unbelievable price of $29/year!


What jerk thought this up? Emailing people and telling them to renew for ridiculous amounts of money. The worst part is that they make the letter look like just a friendly reminder to renew your domain… when actually they are trying to get you to transfer your domain to Liberty Names of America and pay four times the price of 1and1.

And of course they have to have the patriotic name “Liberty Names of America” because they are trying to fulfill the American dream by taking everyone else’s money. It just makes me sick: all of the low-life jerks who try to come up with these schemes to trick people into giving them lots of money for literally nothing in exchange.

“Everybody’s trying to get filthy rich off of someone else’s money.” -Big and Rich (Filthy Rich)

I hope this page comes up in Google for “Liberty Names of America” and no one every pays them a dime.
-Ashton Sanders


  • Thanks for this post. My father got one of their letters in the mail today and as you hoped, your post was one of the first things that showed up when I searched for them =)

  • Excellent. I’m glad to hear it has helped at lease one person =]

    As far as I’m concerned Liberty Names of America is of the same scum as email spammers are.

  • I called them and complained. Liberty Names of America are in Canada. They are being underhanded and everyone who receives a letter should call and complain… keep their phones ringing with complaints.

  • I too received a letter, and something seemed off about it. I always pay 1and1 never a third party, and while prices do go up anually, the amount shouldn’t increase by 4. Make sure you don’t pay it (LIBERTY NAMES OF AMERICA).

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