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I have already done a lot of ranting and raving about Blogger and WordPress.

Although I consider these two to be the leaders of the blogging pack (by a large margin), I did run across a blog using Simple PHP Blog, and was impressed. It doesn’t have all the crazy features like the other two, but it does have a feature which really attracted my attention. On the bottom of every post there are five dots, and you can rate the post 1 to 5. This way, people can interact with your posts and website without actually having to write a comment.

Don’t get me wrong, the comment function is still intact, but the percent of comments compared to visitors is tiny, while the percent of “ratings” to visitors is much higher.

Another note: Simple PHP Blog isn’t database driven. You can run it on a server without needing a database!

If anyone ends up using this system, please let me know how it goes.
-Ashton Sanders


  • Good tip – blog rating as a means of interaction. I too get a small amount of blog comments.

    I am getting more and more into blogging for search engine optimization. I find that learning new words and techniques is my priority. See SEO Words for some difficult words.

  • I’ve been using Simple PHP Blog for a few years now. I had even considered going to db driven software like WP but decided against it because of SPhpB’s ease of use. Development is a little slow since it’s a pet project for it’s authors but it’s easy enough to customize/personalize with a little bit of PHP, HTML, and CSS knowlege.

  • I just installed Simple PHP Blog and it went great. I’m not a blogger but do see the benefits of one especially for finding errors. I’m a programmer by nature and a web designer by desire. I’m hoping to use the Simple PHP Blog to keep track of what I’m doing… LOL!

    TTFN… Web Work By Andrea

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