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I’m a big music buff, and I almost always have music playing on my computer. I really need an iPod… I know, I’m kind of ashamed for not having one yet, but I’m always on my computer so I haven’t really needed an iPod.

I’ve recently run across a number of advertisements for iPod Docking stations that have an HD Radio. This brought me to this Jensen JiMS 525i HD Radio iPod Docking Port. It’s a little expensive for my tastes, but it looks cool. The image they have on that page has a iPhone in the iPod port, so I’m assuming that the docking station will accept either iPods or iPhones. I didn’t realize there were so many HD digital radio stations out there, but you can find all of the digital radio stations in your area by going to new music stations.

Probably the coolest thing I’ve seen is the iTunes Tagging. It looks like what happens is while you’re listening to music on a HD radio station (on this receiver) if you happen upon a song you want to download, keep or get the info for, you can click the “tag” button on the receiver and it will save the song’s information in a play list on your iPod. The next time you connect your iPod to your computer (iTunes), you’ll be able to download all of the songs you tagged.

Of course you’ll have to pay for them.

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