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Google Adwords PPC Bids to be #1?


Note from 2022: Google Adwords had gone through a number of changes since this trick was posted. There are better tools available to do this now. – Ashton

This is a great trick to find out the exact price people are bidding to be #1-3 at Google Adwords PPC.

Google Adwords (Pay Per Click) is a very easy way to market your website. You choose the keywords and how much you are willing to pay for each click. Then Google takes your bids and all the other people bidding on that keyword and organizes them with the highest bidder on top. A day or so after you have submitted your first bid, Google will tell you if you need to increase it to get onto the first page. But what if you want to know what it takes to be in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd spot in the Google Adwords (sponsored ads)?

Detecting the Google Adwords PPC Bid Price

So how can you find out what other people are bidding per click? First let me tell you what you can’t find out about other people who are bidding on a keyword (through Google Adwords). I guess you can find out by asking the companies who are at the top of the PPC…

You CAN’T find out (from Google Adwords):

  • How many clicks they get on their Google advertisements.
  • How much money they pay Google Adwords
  • How much money they make from the people who click.
  • How successful they are at converting leads into sales.

Now that we have got that out of the way,

You CAN find out (from Google Adwords)

  • How much people are paying per click to have the 1st – 3rd ranking for a given keyword.

Find the Current Google Bids

  1. Go to:
  2. Type in your keywords that you want to find out information on.
  3. click “Get Keyword Ideas.”
  4. Once you see the keyword: copy the entire line of text starting with the keyword and ending with average number of searches.
  5. Paste it into a text document (like word).

That little green bar, which tells you relatively how much competition there is for that keyword turns into a ranking and a price!

custom website design 1 – 3 $4.74 12,100 14,800

Do you see what it says there? That means:

For the keyword “custom website design“, if you want to be in the 1st -3rd position it will cost $3.69 per click.

(You can copy the entire page of keywords if you want all the data.)

Feel free to send this to all your friends, but whatever you do, don’t tell Google Adwords about this little trick or they may remove it!

Uh oh. Google has already indexed this page… the cat’s out of the bag. =)
Ashton Sanders


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