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What Upkeep is Needed for a WordPress Website?

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Why Use WordPress?

There are a lot of great reasons to have a WordPress Website. Whether it’s the ease of use for the end user, or customization options available to WordPress specialists like us. These reasons, and more, are why WordPress is by far the most popular website builder on the internet.

WordPress has a massive open source community helping to develop and maintain it, and they have done a great job of keeping WordPress aligned with it’s client base and users.

Is WordPress Secure?

The WordPress community also have a very important job to keep the website platform secure from potential attacks. As WordPress is such a popular platform, it is a target for many attacks. The WordPress community of developers do an amazing job of monitoring and correcting every new security flaw as they are found or exploited. The last thing we want is for some external source to get the ability to change your website. Common attacks will try to change your website content to add links to unfavorable websites or trick your users into downloading viruses. This is not good for your visitors and will also tank your Google Rankings.

“But I heard WordPress sites are always getting hacked”

I’ve heard this from one or two clients who weren’t very familiar with Website Security. The best way to keep WordPress from getting hacked is to keep it up-to-date, and use the best security plugins available. Out of the box, WordPress is very secure, but if you don’t keep the core up-to-date (or use an insecure plugin), your WordPress site is opening itself up to be hacked. As long as your site is up-to-date and is using regularly updated and secured plugins, it is very difficult to hack WordPress.

We include WordPress Management in all of our hosting options, so not only will you get a top-of-the-line, dedicated WordPress Hosting Server with Security Certificate, we’ll keep your WordPress website backed up, up-to-date and secured. (We also can test your website functions and contact forms to ensure your website is always working at 100%!)

At Websites in a Flash, our WordPress Management service prevents your site from being hacked.

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