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The Pros and Cons of a Custom Web Design vs a Pre-made Website Template

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Template Website Versus Custom Website Part 1

Part 2: Custom Website Design

As the Internet has evolved and changed over the years, businesses have had to keep on top of the many new places online to promote themselves and to find new customers. Even business websites continue to evolve. Now there are more and more options available to create a website. There are many do-it-yourself options and even more website development companies. It is difficult to decide whether you want to find a company to create a custom website design for you or to purchase a pre-built website template and build the website yourself. These articles will help you make a more-informed decision.

Here is the second article discussing the pros and cons of creating a completely custom website design compared to building your site with a pre-made website template.

custom website design for Airo Industries

A Designer Will Understand Business Requirements Better

A custom website designer can build a site specifically for your business. A web design agency has experience creating sites for different businesses, which means they’ll know what elements are necessary for your site to succeed. They will discuss with you the goals of your business and your website and help create a design that will help you reach those goals. It’s often best to have guidance from an expert who knows how to make your business thrive online. This includes knowing what type of website is best for your industry—do you need ecommerce capabilities?

There Are Numerous Benefits To Selecting a Web Designer

When you’re choosing between purchasing a pre-made website template or having an experienced web designer design your site from scratch, there are some things to consider. It can be hard to decide which is better; however, using one of these two options will be less stressful than trying to tackle it all yourself. Working with a professional web designer can save you time and stress in many different ways.

Personalized Guidance

Experienced web designers and developers have learned many successful (and not successful) actions businesses can take online, and can provide guidance to you as a business owner.

Technical Expertise

A lot goes into designing an attractive looking website that works with popular search engines such as Google. There are thousands of ways websites can look but only when they are coded right will they be able to rank high on Google and other search engines. It’s important for any business website to work well with other websites to allow yourself to be found online.

Secure Hosting

One way, for example, is that they will be able to set up your website on secure hosting that has been created specifically for business sites. They will also develop secure forms that ask your visitors for information, such as their email address or mailing address. This means more conversions when people visit your site (for example, if someone purchases a product from you).

Time Spent Learning

Choosing a company like Websites in a Flash to create a custom web template allows you to focus on other aspects of running your business instead of spending hours researching and learning how to use a website template and get it to look they way you like and do what you want.

What Should I Expect During the Process?

The process for working with an agency to develop your website will vary depending on the agency you choose. Less expensive website agencies will allow very few meetings, and may be less willing to explain how your website will work well for you. If you work with one of our designers, we have a unique three-step process to understand your needs, create a design that matches your business branding, and work with you to perfect the vision. We do everything possible to ensure that your site looks exactly as it does in our demos. We schedule regular meetings with our clients to make sure all needs are met and you understand the direction of the website design.

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