Customer Service Policy

Here are the policies that we follow when we design or develop a website or flash animation for a client. These policies are the general rules that we follow in regards to how we deal with any client or business that we work with.

  • Quality Assurance: We know how often other website designers and developers create a website, check over it once, and sign off on it. At Websites in a Flash, we never sign off on a develpment project or custom website design unless we know it is 100% complete. We always check the website thoroughly in every major browser before giving it the okay to go live. Even in the rare instances of an error occurring after the site has gone live, we will take full responsibility to get that error corrected within 24 hours of being notified. If we programmed or created it, it is our responsibility to make sure it works.
  • Customer Support: If at any time something goes wrong with the website, it’s hosting, etc. you can give us a call and we will handle or help to handle it. As one of our clients, your difficulties are our difficulties too, even if we aren’t responsible for the problem. We treat our clients like we do our family members, and we succeed when you succeed.
  • Communication: Stay in touch with every client. When we receive an email or message from a client, we send them a response before the end of the day. We never rest with unanswered emails or messages.
  • Speed: Be as fast as possible. Live up to the name: Websites in a Flash.
  • Knowledge: Never stop learning. We know as well as anyone that the Internet is always expanding and improving. There are always new and better website programming techniques, and it’s impossible to know them all without learning every day.
  • Organization: We keep all of our clients Websites organized on both the front end (view able website) and the back end (where the files, images, flash, etc. are stored). This makes it very easy to do updates later and saves time for anyone who needs to work on your site in the future.