Speed Tip – Selecting Text

On the subject of how to get things done as quickly as possible, here is the first Speed Tip.

Increase Speed while copying text

The web is full of tedious work, from having to manually input eight thousand products into a database to converting a site into a new format. Yes, it is totally impossible to work on the Internet and not end up having to do some extremely tedious work at one time or another.

Take today for an example: I had 70 straight HTML pages that I was converting into a PHP-included layout where the page’s title, meta description and meta keywords were all variables. So I had to go to the page source, copy the title, go to my new page, and paste the title… go to the page source, copy the meta tag… etc., etc., etc.

While selecting text (the “<title>” for example), you normally have to go the start the line (right after “<title>”), drag to the end of the line (right before “</title>” and then copy.

Heres the Speed Trick
If you double click on the first word, it will automatically select that entire word. If you hold down that second click, you can drag to the last word, and select each word at a time (; not each letter at a time). This way you only need to go to the first word and drag to the last word to make your selection.

“Whoa.. big whoop… save twenty pixels of mouse movement….” No, it’s better than that, you don’t have to waste time trying to get right to the front of the word. It gives you a much larger target, and thus it takes less time to “aim.”

-Ashton Sanders

AFB – Away From Blog

Wow! It’s been three days since I posted on my blog. That is horrible. Before three days ago, I had posted 41 posts in 47 days! That leaves only 6 days that i hadn’t posted in a month and a half!

My excuse is a simple one: I’ve moved to a new residence, and I am forced to get CenturyTel…. If you are curious as to why that would cause three days of no internet, read this.

And prepare yourself for yet another service review of Century Tel.

-Ashton Sanders

Ashton Sanders – Interview

This is more of a Question and Answer with me, Ashton Sanders. Enjoy.

Q: What caused you to end up working on the Internet?

Ashton Sanders: Computers have always been my forte, and I greatly enjoy working and creating on the Internet. There is no other industry like it, and it will be one that I know I will always be learning new things about. There is no ceiling to how much I can learn and do.

Q: Why did you buy www.AshtonSanders.com?

Ashton Sanders: Ha! I bought www.AshtonSanders.com because I thought it would be a lot of fun to have and create with. I am the only Ashton Sanders who works on the Internet, (from what I could tell from the Google search) and I knew I would never forgive myself if some other Ashton Sanders bought it… or even worse, someone bought it just to spite me.

Q: What do you feel is your greatest strength in regards to Website Design and Development on the Internet?

Ashton Sanders: There are many aspects of the Internet that I am very proficient at: Website Design, PHP programming, ActionScript, Flash Animation, CSS, HTML, XHTML, etc. If I must choose one part of the Internet that I am the most proficient at, I would have to say it is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). For the last couple years, I have been under the tutelage of Jere Matlock of www.WordsinaRow.com. He is the greatest SEO resource anyone could ask for, and the things that he has accomplished with his client’s websites is truly amazing. With his help, I have begun to create some equally amazing products in the field of Search Engine Optimization. I look forward to all the SEO accomplishments that I will achieve in the near future.

Q: What is your favorite aspect of Website Design and Development?

Ashton Sanders: I love it all! I love taking a blank page, and creating a place that is pleasing to look at, and entertaining to use. I love using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to simplify a website’s infrastructure and HTML Coding. I love the accomplishment of programming an elaborate PHP website that does all sorts of fun things. I love putting together an extensive Flash Movie that is entertaining, but most of all I love having fun, and giving my visitors something they can enjoy.

Q: Do you have any company policies that are different from other Website Design Companies?

Ashton Sanders: Yes, definitely! First and foremost, I always answer my cell phone. I am probably the easiest-to-reach web master on the planet. Even if I am behind on a project (not likely), I am not afraid to tell my client. I will never avoid a client for any reason. That brings up another company policy: “If you ever do anything, do it ‘In a Flash!'”

Q: Any Closing Thoughts?

Ashton Sanders: The mind can never be full. No matter how much you learn, there will always be space for more. It my personal policy to never stop learning. It doesn’t matter if I’ve never heard about the subject before, I know what everyone has to start somewhere. Why not here and now? I love expand my information on any subject!

-“Never Stop Learning… Ever!”
-Ashton Sanders”

About Ashton Sanders

Who is Ashton Sanders? I realize that many of you have no idea who I am, so I thought I would do a quick post about my past.

I was born in Los Angeles, and joined cub scouts when my younger brother got into tiger cubs. We were both the goody-two-shoes of the school. When I finished 6th Grade, I went to Delphi Academy of Los Angeles.

I’ve always loved sports. I was on the soccer team my four high school years and was the captain of the Soccer Team the year we became undefeated League Champions; a school record to say the least. I got the League Most Valuable Player Award and the Team Spirit Award.

I also became very interested in computers (a computer nerd). We had a LAN Party every break, and I built a couple of my own computers. (I’m currently typing on one that I built two years ago, and it still running strong.) I love working on the computer, and am very good at it. I’ve picked up on a lot of tricks and shortcuts over the years, and consider myself a computer nerd in every aspect. I started working on websites with my brother at the age of 16, under the name Websites in a Flash.

I stayed in the Boy Scout of America Program since I joined in 3rd Grade. I got my Eagle Scout at the age of 17 and spent three summers working at Camp Cherry Valley, a Boy Scout camp on Catalina Island. They were the best summers of my life: teaching kids how to grow up and become a productive, helpful member of society, and having a blast doing it. I was the Head Commissioner for my last year there.

After my second year at Camp Cherry Valley, I moved to Montana with my fiance, and bought my first house at the age of 20. My website business has been growing and expanding since I graduated. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some amazing website design and Search Engine Optimization professionals. I’m very proud of my website company, and have some very big plans for my website. (I’ll be posting my website updates as they are completed.)

I think that summarizes it pretty well.
-Ashton Sanders