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CSS – Replacing Text with an Image

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) make it very easy to replace text with an image. Here is the whole process described in as few words as possible: Background Information In CSS, “display:none” will cause that element and every child in it to disappear. There is nothing you can do to make one of the child’s element. […]

CSS – Absolute Positioning

Absolute Positioning with CSS can be a very useful thing. I’ve been working a lot with CSS over the last year, but I’ve just recently discovered the secret to absolute positioning. Absolute Positioning in CSS Absolute positioning will allow you to move an HTML item from anywhere in your code to the same spot. For […]

CSS Button – (One SWEET CSS Button)

It is true: “You can make a button a million different ways.” There are also as many ways to create a button that will change when you hover your mouse over it. You can use JavaScript, CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), plain HTML, etc. But each one has it’s own problems: Javascript button: Search Engines have […]

CSS Zen Garden

What is CSS Zen Garden? It’s a great idea, thats what it is. It’s the ultimate Test of a CSS Designer. They have one basic HTML file, that is free to download, but you’re not allowed to change it. The only thing you are allowed to change is the css (which is all you need), […]

CSS Difficulties – Centering Images

As most designers know, there is a difference between Internet browsers. Internet Explorer and Firefox displays websites differently. Some differences are hardly noticeable, and others are huge. From my experience, Firefox follows HTML and CSS rules to the letter while IE only follows most of them. Here is an example I ran into today having […]

Switching CSS on the Same Website

As I was doing some CSS research yesterday, I came upon a site that really impressed me. This site was primarily Red. It had a page called “skins”. “Skins” usually mean what the website/program look like. For example, Trillian messaging program is always the same program, but you can change the way it looks by […]

Internet Explorer CSS Tip

Beginners Note: The main purpose of CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, is to add color and life to a website. The main use for HTML, or Hyper Text Markup Language, on the Internet is to create the format or layout of your website. (Note: It is quite possible to create two identical websites, one in […]