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XO Hosting Review

I’ve been fortunate to work with John Klein and some of the ladies over at KMP Advertising to help them create their new website. They created a beautiful website that I was proud to develop for them. I built the website with a simple php include template and basic htaccess rewrite for the client pages. […]

Twitter Plugins for WordPress

Twitter Plugins for WordPress

EDIT: Ashton from the Future here. This post is now dated. Please check out our latest posts. I just searched the WordPress Plugins section for “twitter” and I got 17 pages of plugins and most of them are crap… ugh. All I want is a Twitter Plugin that will: Send a tweet to my twitter […]

AWeber Email Marketing Review

AWeber is a very popular web-based email marketing service. What is an email marketing service? An email marketing service is a company that does all of the technical aspects of maintaining an email/newsletter list. If you want to start sending out an email newsletter, since it is one of the best ways of marketing on […]

Open Source PHP Gallery – Plogger3 Review

I have been doing some research into Open Source PHP Image/Photo Galleries for a couple clients. The first Gallery I have created is using Plogger 3, and I’m pretty happy with the results. You can see the Gallery I created on Delphi Troop 555 Website. Plogger Gallery Installation: Plogger is as simple to install as […]

Simple PHP Blog

I have already done a lot of ranting and raving about Blogger and WordPress. Although I consider these two to be the leaders of the blogging pack (by a large margin), I did run across a blog using Simple PHP Blog, and was impressed. It doesn’t have all the crazy features like the other two, […]

Liberty Names of America – Scammers

Liberty Names of America – Domain Scammers is yet another great example of Jerks trying to get a lot of money for nothing. My wife has a website for her horse business called (Trakehner is a breed of horse.) We have this domain registered with 1&1 for $7/year. Today, I got a letter in […]

Blogger vs WordPress – Remote Site

When I first started this blog, I did a little bit of research about blogs, and chose Blogger. Now that I’ve been using Blogger for almost a year, I’ve started another blog, about Mordheim, with WordPress, and here are my thoughts: Blogger Overview Blogger is very simple and user-friendly. There is a reason they are […]

Content Management System for Websites

Website CMS UPDATE: After posting this, Websites in a Flash has since switched to using WordPress for most of our Content Management System needs. This post is left up for historical reasons. From my years of working on the internet, I have come to realize that the one thing that almost all of my clients […]

AOL – Service Review

You can really summarize companies in two general categories: Customer Orientedand Profit Oriented (Obviously this is a sliding scale but for the majority, companies will prefer one or the other.) I have observed companies like Logitech and In-And-Out to be very Customer Oriented. When they (or even I) messed something up, they would go out […]