Network Solutions Rant v2.3

Network Solutions continues to amaze me. I have a client who bought some very good domain names early in the domain rush, and she purchased them at Network Solutions for $35/year (as opposed to $9/year at or $6/year at

Can Network Solutions Get Worse?

I wanted to forward one of her domains to 301 redirect to another domain, and after a couple clicks I found that it costs $20/year to forward a domain… and if you didn’t know… that is normally provided for free.

But Network Solutions Can’t get worse than that… Can they?

Yes they can. If you buy a domain at Godaddy, you get 100 email accounts free (or something ridiculous like that). If you want to get email with your Network Solutions domain, it costs $1.34/month for each email account… If you actually ended up using 100 email accounts with Network Solutions, they would charge you $134/month! That’s $1608/year for what you normally get for free at any other registrar…

-If you use network solutions, you obviously haven’t opened your eyes.
-Ashton Sanders

(P.S. If you are someone who actually likes Network Solutions, please shoot me a message with why that is. If you don’t exist, I wouldn’t be surprised.)

Network Solutions Does It Again…

WiaF MascotYou may have read my previous rants on Network Solutions. If you haven’t, I’ll give you a quick run-down.

Network solutions, charges you a lot of money for normally inexpensive services. I’m not talking just a couple more buck; I’m talking six times what I’m paying. I pay $6/year for domain, Network Solutions charges $35/year.

If that doesn’t make you hate them, this might:

I got a client who had a domain registered there, and it was about to expire. Instead of paying $35/year, I recommended transferring their domain to a good domain registrar and pay $6-9/year. So I called in to transfer it.

I started the first transfer, and the email was sent to the wrong email address. (My fault.)

So I fixed the WhoIs information, and started the domain transfer request again. Nothing happened… (Network Solutions’ fault)

I called in again. Unfortunately, the domain had expired by this time, and they said I’d have to register for a year to unlock the domain. Well I didn’t want to pay $35 because they didn’t send an email that they should have. Finally after calling three or four times, I got someone who knew what they were doing and unlocked my domain.

I got the approval email, and I approved the transfer. Yeay! Now I only need to wait 7 days to get it to domain transfered. I was about to leave for a couple weeks, but that shouldn’t matter. The transfer has already begun, and the domain will be transfered.

Oh wait… my mistake… I forgot how BAD Network Solutions was.

I get back from my trip to find the domain hasn’t transfered yet… I call them up to find:

“I’m sorry, but this domain has been transfered to one of our partner companies, and I don’t have access to it.”

“So basically instead of transferring my domain to a different host, you transfered it to a domain scalper that’s going to charge me $1000 to get my domain back…”

Thank You Network Solutions! Keep up your horrible customer service, and America will catch on (slowly, but they will).

-Ashton Sanders

Network Solutions – Ridiculous Web host

WiaF MascotWho is a ridiculous web host you ask? Well I’m sure there are lots of answers to that, but here is one good one: Network Solutions.

I’m only going to cover the topic of Domain Registration:

Godaddy: $8.99 /year $5.99 /year

Network Solutions: $34.99/year

What!! Are you serious?!?! It’s not like you can have high-quality Domain Registration. You either own the domain or you don’t… Thats it, and they are charging three to six times the price for the exact thing. It’s not like being a big name registrar makes you better at registering domains.

Oh but you do get a deal with network solutions if you buy for multiple years. you can get down to $9.99 if you buy 100 years!.

That just makes me sick! I can’t believe they get away with that. It’s just another example of how easy it is to rip people off on the internet.

-Ashton Sanders