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Google Adwords PPC Bids to be #1?

Note from 2022: Google Adwords had gone through a number of changes since this trick was posted. There are better tools available to do this now. – Ashton This is a great trick to find out the exact price people are bidding to be #1-3 at Google Adwords PPC. Google Adwords (Pay Per Click) is […]

CSS – Absolute Position Sidebar

This is what I call CSS tip in 30 seconds: It is very useful to be able to put your navigation bar or side bar at the bottom of your HTML, and absolute position it to appear up on your site where you want it to go. This is actually pretty easy. If you just […]

CSS – Float

Their is magic in Cascading Style Sheets. (Some properties more than others, but still magic.) Float is one of those CSS properties that really fundamental for any developer trying to create layouts without any tables. CSS – Float There are three possible values for float: right, left and none. They are pretty self-explanatory, but here […]