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What You Need to Know about SSL Certificates and Website Security

What You Need to Know about SSL Certificates and Website Security

What makes your website secure and what do you need to know about it? Short for Secure Sockets Layer, SSL certificates are a crucial part of website security, but many people aren’t sure how they work or why they’re necessary. In this article, we’ll explore what SSL certificates are and how they work to secure […]

What Upkeep is Need for a WordPress Website?

What Upkeep is Need for a WordPress Website?

Why Use WordPress? There are a lot of great reasons to have a WordPress Website. Whether it’s the easy of use for the end user, or customization options available to seasoned developers like us. These reasons are why WordPress is by far the most popular website builder on the internet. WordPress has a massive open […]

XO Hosting Review

I’ve been fortunate to work with John Klein and some of the ladies over at KMP Advertising to help them create their new website. They created a beautiful website that I was proud to develop for them. I built the website with a simple php include template and basic htaccess rewrite for the client pages. […]

Website Up Time Checker

I have a couple websites that I need to make sure is always up and running. And I’ve found that using Site Up Time.com is a great way to do it. For absolutely free, Site Up Time will check your website every 30 minutes, and email you if it is down! Sounds like a deal […]

1and1.com – Service Review #2

Today was my first day of real annoyance with 1and1.com. (Click to see my last Service Review of 1and1.com.) Today, all of my website I had hosted with them went down for about 2 hours. When my server crashed, I was on the phone with a client doing tweaks on a website, and the site […]

1and1.com – Service Review

*This post is more than two years old and may be out of date.* 1and1.com is a hosting company who claims to be “The World’s #1 Web Host.” (Who doesn’t these days?) I switched over to them a month ago from Godaddy. In an earlier post, I discussed my original comparisons of the two companies. […]

Web Hosting for Websites

This is always an interesting topic because there are at least a million web hosts out there. If you do a search on Google for “web hosting,” it brings up 208,000,000 sites. (Granted, not all of those sites do web hosting, but that is still a lot of sites.) In this mess of web hosting […]