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Internet Explorer 6 and 7 on the Same Computer

Yes, in the world of Website Designing, you must make sure your website looks the same in every major browser. This means having all major browsers available: IE6, IE7, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc. You may even want to go as far as checking it on the Netscape, MSN or AOL Browsers. (Although I recommend never […]

Programming on Principle

There are many different ways to program websites. There a many different ways to program the exact same website. If you gave the same design to 100 different website developers, you would end up with 100 pages (that probably all looked fairly similar) and 100 completely different HTML code. Is it possible to say if […]

Search Engine Optimization vs Website Design

Earlier I wrote a post about the Basics of Search Engine Optimization. In this post I’ll be delving a little deeper into the basic principles that are used to create the basic rules of Search Engine Optimization. Text is King I mentioned earlier how Search Engines can only index text. They can’t see pictures, movies, […]

CSS – Absolute Position Sidebar

This is what I call CSS tip in 30 seconds: It is very useful to be able to put your navigation bar or side bar at the bottom of your HTML, and absolute position it to appear up on your site where you want it to go. This is actually pretty easy. If you just […]

CSS – Unordered and Ordered Lists

As many young website designers do, when I first got started working with HTML and CSS, I tired to stay as far away from Unordered Lists (<ul>) and Ordered Lists (<ol>). Everyone has their own reasons, but I just thought there was too much to learn about it before I could get it to do […]

CSS – Float

Their is magic in Cascading Style Sheets. (Some properties more than others, but still magic.) Float is one of those CSS properties that really fundamental for any developer trying to create layouts without any tables. CSS – Float There are three possible values for float: right, left and none. They are pretty self-explanatory, but here […]

FavIcon – Image in the Address Bar

What is a FavIcon? A FavIcon is the image that appears in the left side of your address bar for certain sites. For example, here are the FavIcons for, and It is actually a very simple process thanks to All you need to do is make a square image that you […]

PhotoShop – Grunge Effect

My wanderings on the Internet brought me to Veerle’s Blog, where you can find an excellent method of creating and saving grunge brushes in PhotoShop. (It’s also a well designed blog.) -Ashton Sanders

How Do Search Engines Think? SEO Basics

Search Engine Optimization is fairly easy to understand. All you need to do is put your self in a Search Engines Shoes. Let’s start with Google’s Mission: “Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” - Nice and Simple. But it gives you a good understanding of what […]