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Firearm Skills Exceed 99% of Gun Owners

If you ever ask Dr. Ignatius Piazza about Front Sight, he'll gladly tell you all about it. One thing he will never forget to mention is that Front Sight Firearms Training Institute course participants are can handle and shoot their firearms 99% better than all gun owners, including law enforcement, SWAT and military.

Dr. Piazza didn't think up that statistic. Ignatius Piazza is simply reiterating what he has been told by his law enforcement, SWAT, and military firearms training course participants. He has a list of testimonials from people who carry a firearm for a living which will back up his statement that firearms training at Front Sight teaches more than they were taught in their military boot camp, SWAT training, or police academies.

Dr. Piazza is not just talking about your any, old police officer or Army private. Every weekend Front Sight Firearms Training Institute has SWAT Cops, Marine Corps officers, and Special Operations personnel attending classes at his Las Vegas firearms Training Institute who receive firearms training right alongside doctors, business owners, accountants, dentists, housewives, blue collar workers and even medics. Each and every firearms training student leaves Front Sight with better firearms training skills than 99% of all gun owners, including law enforcement and military. This is no exaggeration. This is just another reason why Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is well know as the leader of the firearms training industry.

For those who are not easily convinced, we've added a short video of Front Sight Testimonials from course participants who are from law enforcement and the military. There are also some private citizens in the video. You will notice that everyone says the same thing. Front Sight is by far the best firearms training institute in America, and these students won't settle for anything less that World Class Gun Training at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute.

For the best firearms training, there is only one place, one firearms training leader to choose from. To join the Front Sight Members and course participants who are already better than 99% of all gun owners then go to Front Sight and choose a firearms training course under Dr. Ignatius Piazza's dedicated and professional firearms training instructors. You will notice at his world class Front Sight Firearms Training Institute there really is nothing better..

To shoot faster and more accurately than a SWAT cop or Navy SEAL, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute and Ignatius Piazza is where you need to go. Front Sight's professional and expert firearms training instructors will help you get there.

Front Sight

A Firearms Enthusiasts Paradise.

Front SightFront Sight Firearms Training Institute has been called many things. Most noticeably, the founder and director, Dr. Ignatius Piazza has been quoted at calling Front Sight the "Disneyland for Gun Owners." Ignatius Piazza has noticed that after someone attends a firearms training course at Front Sight they always agree with him that there is no place anywhere in the world the Firearms Training instructors are so professional and expert at what they are teaching, and yet everything is 100% quality, understanding communication. You will find that there is no boot camp mentality or drill instructor attitudes to be seen.

Ignatius Piazza notes that his 26 episode reality TV series entitled, Front Sight Challenge placed seasoned law enforcement professionals, SWAT cops, and special operations military personnel against ordinary private citizens who had only received Front Sight Firearms Training. They went head to head in the competitions to see who were the fastest, most accurate shooters. Front Sight's graduates won at least half of the 26 episodes using handgun, shotgun, rifle, select fire M16, and submachine gun.

Ignatius Piazza has repeatedly said that Front Sight Firearms Training Institute can take a law abiding gun owner and teach him/her to shoot faster and more accurately than a SWAT Cop or Navy SEAL. When people ask about this ridiculous sounding claim, and demand proof, he simply points to the tens of thousands of private citizen gun owners who have completed his Front Sight courses, often outscoring SWAT Cops and Special Operations military personnel in the shooting skills evaluation at the end of a Front Sight four day firearms course

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute courses are not cheap, but if you compare the return on investment, there is no comparison. The amazing Front Sight Firearms Training Institute 550 acre firearms training facility, the level of expertise of Front Sight's world class instructors, and the proven firearms training curriculum Dr. Ignatius Piazza has trains tens of thousands of firearms training students every year, for the 12 years Front Sight has been in business. Every one of these students improvemed so much in two to five days of firearms training courses they will all tell you the same thing, "You will never find a better value in the firearms training industry than Front Sight." Every year Front Sight provides more gun training to private citizens and professionals than all the other major firearms training schools in America combined.

There is nothing to dispute: Dr. Ignatius Piazza and his professional and expert group of firearms training instructors who make up the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute have created an all-around gun training experience all law abiding gun owners can experience.