1and1.com – Service Review #2

Today was my first day of real annoyance with 1and1.com. (Click to see my last Service Review of 1and1.com.)

Today, all of my website I had hosted with them went down for about 2 hours. When my server crashed, I was on the phone with a client doing tweaks on a website, and the site would not come up any more…

But the worst part of it all was I had just convinced a client to switch over to 1and1.com, and they had just published an ad in the LATimes. So they had all these people coming to their site… and it was down for two hours…

Of course I can’t really blame 1and1.com. Electronics fail all the time, but still… for three years with GoDaddy, I never had my site go down (that I know of=]).

-Ashton Sanders

1and1.com – Service Review

*This post is more than two years old and may be out of date.*

1and1.com is a hosting company who claims to be “The World’s #1 Web Host.” (Who doesn’t these days?) I switched over to them a month ago from Godaddy.

In an earlier post, I discussed my original comparisons of the two companies. For a quick overview: Godaddy.com is inexpensive and well worth every penny. Their online programs are very extensive and always being updated. Their help support is always on top of any problem. 1and1.com is the cheapest website hosting and domain registration I’ve ever seen in my life.


Positive: Domains are $6/year (for almost every TLD).
Negative: You can only buy one domain at a time, so if you want to buy 20 domains, as my clients have asked me to do a couple times recently, you have to buy each one individually. That has wasted a good 2 hours of my life.
Positive: Website Hosting is very, very cheap: $3/month, and you can host up to 25 sites on that one set of hosting! so instead of paying $3.50/month for each site at GoDaddy, I can host all of my sites on one hosting account for $3/month. (That is their smallest account and they have 10GB storage and 300GB Bandwidth!)
Negative: You can’t choose your username for anything. Not for your FTP, SQL database, Control Panel, etc.
Positive: The 1and1.com Control Panel is pretty extensive, and you can do just about anything. And if you can’t figure it out the FAQ is very extensive.
Negative: Their 24/7 Technical Support is horrible. I’ve been on hold for almost an hour before giving up, and another time, when they did pick up, they knew less about hosting than I did. You get what you pay for in tech support.


If you are computer-savvy, 1and1 is for you, but if you are one who needs tech support and/or don’t have more than one site to host, go with Godaddy.

-Ashton Sanders

Web Hosting for Websites

This is always an interesting topic because there are at least a million web hosts out there. If you do a search on Google for “web hosting,” it brings up 208,000,000 sites. (Granted, not all of those sites do web hosting, but that is still a lot of sites.) In this mess of web hosting sites, it’s actually very easy to end up with an expensive provider who provides less than others. Here are some web hosting providers that I’ve had a lot of success with:

GoDaddy: These guys have a very comprehensive website, and they are always updating it. Their website makes it very easy to do just about anything to your site. You won’t have to call tech support ever, as long as you know how to use a FAQ. Everything is there, and if you do have to call tech support, they will quickly handle your problem. They are also very cheap: Web hosting $4/month and domains $10/year. I have used Godaddy for a very long time, and have not had any major problem with them.

1and1.com: I was just introduced to this company, and they seem to have the sweetest deal on the internet. Their web hosting program allows you to host many (25 for the beginner) websites on the same hosting account. Which is amazing if you are a web designer and you have a lot of websites. To top it off that beginner account is only $3/month!! Domains are also the cheapest I’ve seen at $6/year.

It really seems too good to be true. And if it is, I’ll update this post very soon.

-Until then,
-Ashton Sanders

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