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Burbank Schreiner

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About Burbank Schreiner

Burbank Schreiner is a musical project that offers a unique approach to biblical teachings and imagery through their songs. The lyrics are written by Burbank Schreiner, while the music is composed and recorded by John Andrew Schreiner, a seasoned musician with numerous accolades, including an Emmy, an ASCAP award, and seven Dove Awards.

Burbank Schreiner's songs are not limited to the traditional spiritual or social commentary genres, and their works often incorporate thought-provoking and politically charged themes. Burbank Schreiner believes in the freedom of thought and speech and takes full ownership of their creative output. The result is a musical project that is both powerful and insightful, with a focus on biblical teachings and societal analysis.

Thoughts from the Client

"Websites in a Flash did a great job for us. I would highly recommend them. Ashton pays attention to what you ask of him and gets the job done."


Website Description

Burbank Schreiner website case study.

Burbank Schreiner approached us with a need for an easy-to-use and beautiful website platform to showcase their musical portfolio and to provide a seamless experience for their fans. At the time, they had a presence on YouTube and Facebook, as well as various music streaming platforms across the internet.

Through the logo and website design process, we collaborated with Burbank Schreiner to create a visual identity that accurately reflects their musical style and personality. The result is a professional and effective platform that showcases their musical talents and provides a seamless experience for their fans.

During the website development process, we worked closely with Burbank Schreiner to understand their organizational needs and to provide a solution that would allow them to effectively categorize their music and present album covers in a user-friendly manner. We designed the website to be flexible and easy to navigate, enabling Burbank Schreiner or their assistants to add new songs and categorize them as needed. The website also integrates with YouTube and multiple streaming services, providing a comprehensive platform for their fans to discover and enjoy their music.

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