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About Carter Cutlery Knives

Carter Cutlery is the premier and only place online to buy beautifully handcrafted knives by Murray Carter, a 17th generation Yoshimoto bladesmith. Murray’s incredible story and his path to becoming a bladesmith is detailed on his website and worth the read, especially if you appreciate the stunning craftsmanship of hand forged knives. His journey began with his passion for blades and how to create and craft the finest of knives. He had the fortune to meet a 16th generation Bladesmith, Sensei Yasuyuki Sakemoto in Japan where he completed a 6 year apprenticeship and then continued to work in Japan for 12 more years.

Over the course of Murray's 33 year career he has pounded close to 29,000 knives. Over the years he has continued to build his business here in the United States and now has numerous bladesmiths that have completed his extensive 3 month Apprenticeship Program. Their knives are all available on the Carter Cutlery website.

High-End Knife Website Description

The History of the Carter Cutlery Website

We have had the privilege of working with Murray since 2007. Our mission was to create a website that featured his stunning knives and also make it easy for you to purchase and own your very own Muteki knife. And over the years the website has expanded and gotten better and better, and our business relationship has grown to something we are very proud of. We wanted to feature the incredible history of Murray and showcase how stunning the knives are all while making it easy to use.

Our Mission

With ecommerce sites like this, you want to be able to see the product clearly, learn about it and have the checkout process be as smooth as possible. The knives speak for themselves especially because of large and detailed photography. You can zoom in and see the actual signature on each knife. Every product page shows the bladesmith who forged the knife and gives detailed information about the features of the knife. The website also offers information, photos and videos that explain the importance of these beautiful pieces. The knives and sharpening services have been enjoyed by clients all over the world. 

We created a shopping experience that is easy to navigate and trustworthy. Once you select the knife you want, it’s easy to purchase and you will feel comfortable with the process. The pricing is clear and you can be confident that you know what you are getting. The website was built in WordPress, which is one of the most reliable platforms. We were able to customize the site to fulfill the exact needs that Murray requested. We programmed it to be fast and optimized it for search engines. We are proud of the Carter Cutlery website and our involvement. If you would like to learn more about what we can do for your website, call us or email us today. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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