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Design Warehouse has been supplying luxury outdoor furniture to commercial and residential clients since 1992. They opened their impressive and grand showroom in 2011 in Auckland, New Zealand, and now they have over 80,000 sq. ft. of luxury furniture available.

Their story began when they started selling A-Grade Teak furniture from Indonesia; this is known to be the best teak furniture available anywhere globally. They immediately became the premier place to go for quality outdoor furniture. With the success of the teak furniture, the next move was to begin branching out and designing furniture made with new innovative materials. For years now, they have been supplying hotels, resorts, golf clubs, restaurants, private homes, and businesses with their luxury outdoor furniture.

Website Description

Design Warehouse

We met the owners of Design Warehouse almost 15 years ago, and our relationship has been going strong ever since. Their goal was to feature all of their products with beautiful photos and make it easy for the customers to order exactly what they wanted. The navigation and user experience had to be perfect.

With hundreds of products available, we knew we had to build this strategically from the very beginning. We built the site allowing continual updates and improvements without complications or compromising their style. The site is built on the WordPress platform, which has allowed us to customize every aspect of the site. It is elegant, vast, and user-friendly.

Once you select the product you love, the order process is simple, easy to navigate and the sales staff communicates with you to make sure your order is ready to go. Instead of a normal Shopping Cart, visitors fill up a “Truck” and then submit their order as a “Quote Request.” A good UX design allows Clients to quickly complete the process without any confusion. They receive email notifications confirming that their order has been placed safely and is secure.

As Design Warehouse continues to grow their business, we continue to optimize their site for the best results online. We work hand-in-hand with their SEO specialist and photographers to maximize their results. The site is tablet and mobile-friendly so that their customers can shop on any devices. We maintain the database and keep their plugins and theme up-to-date. It has been an exciting journey working with the team at Design Warehouse, and we look forward to many more successful years.

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