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Excellence Excavating & Rockeries, Inc.

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About Excellence Excavating & Rockeries, Inc.

Excellence Excavating & Rockeries specializes in excavation for residential and commercial properties in the Portland area, and just like the name says, they are superior in their field. With an extensive 18 years of experience in the industry, they are the go to place to excavate land when it might not seem possible. They provide many services including, field moving, tree and stump removal, brush mulching, grading, rock walls, hardscapes as well as dump truck services. These services are key to building and maintaining land, and the jobs require special skills and many years of experience. They have the capabilities to work on small or large scale projects, and will talk you through what will need to be done for your project. Whether it be to build a massible rock wall, install a driveway or grade the land, they can successfully complete your project. They pride themselves on providing professional and reliable service and they have the happy clients to prove it.

Website Description

Excellence Excavating

The Website History

Excellence Excavating began its online presence with a Facebook page years ago, and then they came to us for a website that would feature their work and bring in new clients. We were excited to showcase their impressive skills with content that included images and descriptions of their capabilities, all while being easy to navigate and build a successful online experience. The photos of the equipment and job sites have that wow factor. They perform jobs that you may not even know were necessary. If you aren’t familiar with their industry, we recommend looking at their gallery to see some of the magnitudes of their work. 

Our Mission

It was our goal to create a website that immediately showcased their work as well as letting people know that no matter how small or large a project, that they would be able to help. It was important to include a lot of photos, while still keeping their site fast and quick to navigate. People expect to go to a website and have it load as quickly as possible. When this doesn’t happen you can lose clients within seconds. The site is straightforward and you can get to the information that you need in an instant. The menu dropdowns are easy to read and click through. You can browse through the testimonials and see how happy their customers have been. They also describe some of the projects they have worked on, which have been masterfully completed. It has been a pleasure working with the Excellence Excavating team and we are thrilled with all of the success that they are having. Are you looking for a website to show off your special skills and unique business? Reach out to us today and we can get started on helping you accomplish your goals. 

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