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Feature Story Public Relation Website Website Design on Desktop and Mobile

About ZebraCom, Inc.

Zebra Communications specializes in elevating B2B companies through high-profile feature story PR campaigns. Their services include crafting and placing white papers, case studies, and thought-leadership papers across major media outlets to build branding, positioning, and thought leadership. They focus on turnkey feature campaigns that require minimal client involvement, designed to integrate seamlessly with existing PR and marketing strategies. This approach ensures national and international brand recognition, aiming to shift market attitudes effectively within target segments.

Feature Story Public Relation Website Description

Zebracom, inc logo on a globe.

Website Development

The WordPress website we developed for ZebraCom is designed to effectively showcase their services and enhance their online presence. We crafted a fully custom WordPress theme, ensuring the website is both visually appealing and user-friendly.

Publication Section

ZebraCom’s extensive collection of publications and featured stories were organized and presented to highlight their industry expertise. We implemented a custom system in WordPress, enabling staff to easily add new publications. This streamlined layout makes it simple for visitors to appreciate ZebraCom’s prolific output.

Custom Website Design

Working closely with the client, we established a cohesive design and branding strategy. We transferred essential content, including PDFs and images, and ensured easy content updates. The project also encompassed SEO optimization, analytics installation, and thorough monitoring to provide seamless user experiences and strong online visibility.

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