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Honest Edge Ranch

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About Honest Edge Ranch

Honest Edge Ranch is a new concept by Murray Carter, a 17th generation Yoshimoto bladesmith and master smith of the American Bladesmith Society. His story is fascinating and definitely worth the read! The Ranch is his oasis where he practices his craft, goes on adventures and enjoys the peaceful and breathtaking landscape. And now he wants to share this special place with others. It is the only place of its kind in the world.

He has big plans for the property including the ability to fly directly onto the ranch property to begin your once-in-a-lifetime experience that includes bladesmithing, off-road adventures, 3-D archery, practice on a shooting range, and then enjoy a Japanese Hinoki hot bath surrounded by 360-degree panoramic views of mountains in Indian Valley, Idaho.

We have worked with Murray Carter on his Carter Cutlery website which features the incredible knives that he has created with his team of apprentice bladesmiths. These beautifully handcrafted knives are for sale on his website. The site also describes the history of his bladesmithing journey. Building this website for him led us to the incredible opportunity to work with him on his new concept for Honest Edge Ranch. He wanted to introduce this magical place to the world and he needed a new website to do just that.

Website Description

Honest Edge Ranch

Our goal was to showcase the striking views and the serenity that this secluded ranch has to offer while providing an intuitive and simple-to-use class registration system. He supplied us with breathtaking and dynamic imagery and videos, and we designed the site to immediately showcase how magical the property was, and show off all of the activities that were available. It needed to be exciting, fresh, and easy to navigate while also giving visitors a simple, hassle-free ordering experience. The website’s vibe combines a spiritual oasis with invigorating and exhilarating activities. This was an exciting challenge that we were able to accomplish. 

The class registration system has some very unique requirements that we were able to custom-program to meet his needs. Normally, this would require many weeks of custom programming and testing, but we were able to get this done in 2 weeks.

The home page features a panoramic video background with easy-to-read copy which is welcoming and drives you to scroll further. Next, you are invited to watch a video to explain the goals and purpose of the property and the founder Murray Carter. This is the perfect build-up to the introduction of the experiences that the ranch offers. There are 6 blocks that show a photo of the activity along with a short description. This format makes the site easy to read and clearly depicts the message of what they are offering. The website has 15 pages overall including the purchasing section and contact pages. Each of these pages is easy to understand and the message is clear. You can almost feel the breeze coming over the mountains through the screen. 

The website was built in WordPress which is one of the best and most stable platforms you can use. WordPress also enables us to customize the site to the exact purchase specifications that Mr. Carter desired for the class registration system. The site features outstanding images, but is also fast and functions seamlessly. It’s important for your website to have the fastest load time as possible. This site was a pleasure to work on and we look forward to continuing our working relationship with Murray Carter and The Honest Edge Ranch and we highly recommend that you check it out.

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