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About Mortimer

Mortimer is a luxury fashion brand that brings you impeccably made silk pajamas and robes. These pieces aren't just your average nighttime wear, they are meant to be treasured and worn at home and outdoors. Their clients come from all over the world to buy their pieces and wear them during the day, on travel, at resorts, in the city, and of course, at home. All of Mortimer's garments are made here in the United States with strict quality control guidelines. And now you can purchase them on their website with ease. They offer several colors and sizes, but also occasionally have limited editions that are special in color and trim. They make stunning gifts for special holidays or occasions, such as weddings. Or indulge and purchase them for yourself!

Website Description

Model in Silk Pajamas

Mortimer is a luxury American-made fashion brand that specializes in silk pajamas and robes. The garments are exquisite pieces made with the highest quality silk and strict manufacturing guidelines. Because these pieces are so luxurious and the style is versatile, the website needed to show this to its visitors immediately. These are not just your average silk pajamas. We needed to create a website that is stunning, elegant, and user-friendly.

We chose to use Mortimer’s gorgeous photos of models in the garments and make them large. 3 large photos take up the homepage and are divided by copy that is simplistic, yet informative. These images are enticing and encourage visitors to see all they have to offer. If you go to the shop page you can see what they have to offer. Each category shows all of the colors that you can choose from. The overall design is simple, yet the images convey what Mortimer is all about.

The website is built with Shopify. We heavily-customized the website theme to match the brand guidelines we helped to create.

We enjoyed working with Mortimer and learning about their silk garments. Check out their social media pages for inspiration on how to wear these fabulous pieces.

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