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About OriginClear

OriginClear leads the self-reliant water revolution, democratizing water investment by developing a marketplace to connect investors with water projects; and commercializing modular, prefabricated, filter-free advanced systems for faster sanitation worldwide.

Through Modular Water Systems and Progressive Water Treatment, OriginClear provides technology solutions in a number of water-based industries. They have developed advanced technologies that can quickly and inexpensively treat some of the dirtiest water on the planet.  Modular Water Systems and Progressive Water Treatment produce water treatment technology and machines that can be containerized and dropped off in needed locations to treat water.

Origin Clear Website Description

For over a decade OriginClear has used their website for many different parts of their business enterprise, and we’ve been able to help them accomplish their online goals. We were first brought on to transfer their old website to a new WordPress website with a completely new theme. We have built and maintained over 5 different websites and website overhauls for OriginClear. OriginClear has websites for may of their different business. Modular Water Systems and Progressive Water Treatment each have their own WordPress websites that we maintain and optimize for their unique needs.

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