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HTML – Premade State Drop Down Menu

I came up with a great idea (which a lot of people have already thought of =]) to put all the html/php code that I create through my web adventures somewhere so people can grab them. So this will be my first post with content of that nature. Here is the HTML Code for a […]

Good People – A Rarity

Good People – A Rarity

Isn’t is strange how just a simple act of kindness can make such a huge impact on you? After so many days of being surrounded by negativeness, it’s so refreshing when someone comes out of nowhere and helps you out for no reason. Isn’t it amazing that you get long holds and crappy service from […]

CSS Button – (One SWEET CSS Button)

It is true: “You can make a button a million different ways.” There are also as many ways to create a button that will change when you hover your mouse over it. You can use JavaScript, CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), plain HTML, etc. But each one has it’s own problems: Javascript button: Search Engines have […]

Service Review – Paypal

I’ve used Paypal (an Ebay Company) for upwards of 4 years now, and I’ve never had a problem with them until last week. The worst part about it is that the same problem keeps occurring. Here is what happened: So I signed up for a Subscription through Paypal for an Internet service. This subscription costs […]

Regular Expressions – Regex

Regular Expressions (or Regex for short) is a language that I’ve been learning a lot about recently. I don’t have any useful tidbits for you as of yet, but I do have a couple very nice and useful links that can help you learn about regex: Extensive Regex Tutorial (Note: Regex is used a lot […]

Ashton Sanders – Interview

This is more of a Question and Answer with me, Ashton Sanders. Enjoy. Q: What caused you to end up working on the Internet? Ashton Sanders: Computers have always been my forte, and I greatly enjoy working and creating on the Internet. There is no other industry like it, and it will be one that […]

SEO – Table Trick

It has been said that Search Engine Optimization “is not yet a science — it’s still an artform.” I totally agree with that quote. Search Engine Optimization is hundreds of little things that you with your site to make it more search engine friendly. The table trick is one of those SEO things you can […]

Longest Blog!

Yes! This blog Signifies my longest blog ever! (The last one I did was for Camp Cherry Valley, Boy Scout Summer Camp. I got 25 posts before the summer ended, and I had to close the blog.) This is my 26th blog post. Here’s to the future of this blog! -Cheers -Ashton Sanders

CSS Zen Garden

What is CSS Zen Garden? It’s a great idea, thats what it is. It’s the ultimate Test of a CSS Designer. They have one basic HTML file, that is free to download, but you’re not allowed to change it. The only thing you are allowed to change is the css (which is all you need), […]