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Flash Random Scene ActionScript

I recently created a Flash Animation that would randomly play one of three different Flash scenes. Then after each scene, it would go back to the beginning and randomly choose another scene to play. This was all programmed in ActionScript in Flash. I have a feeling that even though this code is very simple, it […]

Website Up Time Checker

I have a couple websites that I need to make sure is always up and running. And I’ve found that using Site Up is a great way to do it. For absolutely free, Site Up Time will check your website every 30 minutes, and email you if it is down! Sounds like a deal […]

Liberty Names of America

Liberty Names of America is yet another great example of Jerks trying to get a lot of money for nothing. My wife has a website for her horse business called (Trakehner is a breed of horse.) We have this domain registered with 1&1 for $7/year. Today, I got a letter in the mail from […]

Mordheim Blog – Update

It has been under two months since I have started my Mordheim Blog, and we are seeing lots of good progress in the Search Engine Rankings. For almost the entirety of the last 7 weeks, my blog has been ranked on the second page for the keyword “Mordheim” at Google. Just this last week, I’ve […]

PHP – Finding the Width or Height of an Image

Knowing the width, height, Image type or attributes of an image can be extremely useful. I’ve used this once to make a line of images all line up on the bottom. I found out the height of the image and then added a margin to the top of the image to make the bottom of […]

Google Index Spasm (Google Dance)

I call this the Google index Spasm (other’s call it the Google Dance): After a couple weeks in existence, my new blog found itself on the second page for it’s main keyword. After fluctuating between rank 12 and 18 for another two weeks, it fell to rank 80+… If I didn’t know better, this would […]

Google’s Indexing Delay: Update

As of today, Google knows about 35 pages of my Mordheim blog. The last time the Googlebot hit this blog was on the 22nd, and my post on the 21st of November is up second when I check to see how many of my pages Google has added to it’s search index. It looks like […]

Google’s Indexing Delay

I created a new blog about Mordheim on the 10th of November. I worked on the design of the blog for about a day, and then linked to it for the first time on the 11th. I linked to it from a couple different sites: Websites in a Flash on the 11th, my Website Design […]

Blogger vs WordPress – Remote Site

When I first started this blog, I did a little bit of research about blogs, and chose Blogger. Now that I’ve been using Blogger for almost a year, I’ve started another blog, about Mordheim, with WordPress, and here are my thoughts: Blogger Overview Blogger is very simple and user-friendly. There is a reason they are […]