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Are you tired of dealing with subpar websites that fail to represent your business effectively?

Frustrated by the lack of functionality, poor design, and missed opportunities? It’s time to put an end to the headaches and setbacks caused by inadequate online presence.

Imagine potential customers visiting your website only to be greeted by a clunky user interface, slow loading times, and outdated content. Each click becomes a struggle, leading to a high bounce rate and missed conversion opportunities. Your competitors, with their sleek and professional websites, are effortlessly capturing the attention and trust of your target audience. Don’t let your business continue to suffer from a lackluster online image.

With Websites in a Flash, you can say goodbye to website-related headaches and embrace a solution that brings peace of mind. Our team of experts will create a custom website tailored specifically to your business needs. We take care of every detail, from seamless navigation and eye-catching design to optimized performance and responsive layouts. Our dedication to excellence ensures that your website not only attracts and engages visitors but also drives conversions and boosts your online presence. Experience the difference of a flawlessly crafted and expertly managed custom website, empowering your business to thrive in the digital landscape.

Our Custom Website Services

As a business that prioritizes our clients’ needs, we have assisted them in achieving a large variety of goals on their websites. Our team of custom website designers have been helping businesses for 20 years. These some of the most common areas in which we excel in providing services.

Custom Design

Website Design

Website Design is where our creativity and experience shine. We create custom websites that will stand out in your industry and provide a great user experience for your potential customers. Whatever aesthetic you are looking for, we can create a custom design represents your brand and your clients love.


Custom Build

Search Engine Optimization requires a complete knowledge of what Google wants (which is what your users want). Our sites are optimized to be lightweight and impress Search Engines by providing an excellent user experience. Our systematic SEO process build Expertise, Authority and Trust for your business.

WordPress Management

WordPress Maintenance

WordPress Management keeps your website secure and up to date. We provide WordPress updates, database backups, content updates, hosting, SSL, as well as bi-weekly quality and security checks. Our service keeps an eye on your website to make sure it’s backed up, secure, and functional.

Website Case Studies

Our clients are vast, diverse, and located around the world. It’s always exciting to meet new clients and take on a new challenge. Although we’re located near McMinnville, OR, we have clients across the country and world. We can help you whether you need a full eCommerce website or service and information-based website. No matter what industry you are in, we’ve got you covered! Check out our portfolio of website design case studies and see how we’ve helped some businesses just like yours.


"While on my way to refreshing my tired website - something I'd been dreading since the first Obama administration - I ran into Ashton and Katie from Websites in a Flash. It was a serendipitous encounter and I couldn't have been happier with the process or the deliverables. Ashton and Katie had all of the attributes that I find critical to success and important in a business partner engagement."

-Wendy S, Founder and Principal, Propel Real Estate Resources

"Katie has impressed me with her precision and attention to detail and with her consistent and timely communication skills. I am confident any future clients or employers that may seek her services will experience the same level of commitment and exceptional quality of work."

-Kammy C, YNotWeb

Over 20 Years Building Website Design and Development

We have helped 100’s of clients from New Zealand to McMinnville, Oregon grow their businesses with high-end websites. We have worked on E-commerce websites of all different sizes and helped businesses in many industries. We’ve helped Medical Professionals, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, Commercial and Residential Builders, Engineers, Architects, Community Organizations, Non-profits, Educators, Consultants, Sporting and Outdoor Companies, and many more.

Since 2003 we have been creating websites for companies and organizations all over the world. We build modern, high-end websites for businesses and professionals. Hire our team of experienced custom website designers to complete your project. Our work is exciting, challenging, and always evolving. We are a boutique agency working out of Portland, Oregon, and Los Angeles, California, but our clients are located all over. With over 40 years of combined experience in web design, development, and graphic design our team is ready for any challenge.

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