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About Miller Consulting Group

The Miller Consulting Group is the only all-commercial real estate agency in Yamhill County. Because they focus solely on commercial real estate and have more than 25 years of experience, they are the best agency to go to by far. In addition, they have extensive backgrounds in the business world, which gives them an understanding of all aspects of finding the best solution for your real estate investment.

They are problem solvers when it comes to finding the best property for your business. They understand what will work and what won't. Their honesty, attention to detail, and the care that they have for their client's success is unmatched. Whether you want to buy, sell, lease or consult, as soon as you become their client, they will walk you through every step of the real estate process.

We had the pleasure of meeting Mary Martin Miller and Mike Morris of Miller Consulting Group in McMinnville Oregon. We were thrilled when they chose us to work on the new design of her business's website. We love working with local businesses to help them elevate their online presence and add to their success, and the Miller Consulting Group is the same!

Commercial Real Estate Website Description

Miller Consulting Group Logo

As we reviewed and analyzed the Miller Consulting Groups website, we knew we could improve the look, functionality, navigation, and speed.

Logo Refresh 

We started with the overall brand look and suggested a refresh of their logo to make it more modern and easy to use on digital platforms such as social media. We kept the colors and hints of their old logo so that the new logo would stay connected to the history of their brand. We chose to emphasize the “M” in Miller and keep the idea of the circular lines but simplify and merge them into one icon. This allows it to be shown with the full business name or be used on its own.

The Old Logo

The New Logo

The Website

When we analyzed the old website, we immediately knew that we needed to bring a more modern, fresh, and welcoming look and feel to it. It was heavy and dark and didn’t have any inspiring or dynamic images to catch your eye. We also needed to redesign the header and footer to look better and be easier to use. The footer was basically non-existent; it didn’t have the Miller logo, menu, contact information, or any links. After we worked on the design aesthetic, we also needed to refresh the property categories and individual listings.

The Old Website

The New Website

Great Results

We are really pleased with how the new website turned out. It’s fresh, bright, and welcoming, and you instantly know what Miller Consulting Group does and how they can help you. If you are in residential or commercial real estate and need a new website, give us a call! We can help you build a brand new website, or we can help revitalize your old website!

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