Who are we?

Websites in a Flash

Websites in a Flash is a website team of website developers and designers from around the country working together to help produce cutting-edge, high-quality, and useful websites. Combined, we have over 40 years of experience in our industry. We love what we do and we enjoy explaining our process. It is important to us that you always feel comfortable with us and confident in our work. You can always reach out to us with any questions or concerns that you may have. We all work remotely, but here’s the faces and a little bit about each of us:

Ashton Sanders

Ashton leads the websites team in the technical aspects of the website development as he’s been making websites since 2003. When not at his computer, Ashton can be found running cub scouts, playing board games, and debating about which of the 10 Star Wars movies are good.

Katie Cronin

Katie is the General Manager for Websites in a Flash. She leads our Marketing and Graphic Designer departments. When not working, Katie can be found hiking and exploring the Southern California coast with her husband and dog.

Jackson Marks

Jackson is on top of the latest development tools and best practices for setting up and developing your website projects. When not working, Jackson likes Skiing, Final Fantasy and camping out in Eastern Oregon.

Anna Sanders

Anna is the Finance In-Charge at Websites in a Flash and keeps the books in order. When not working, Anna is teaching horse lessons, raising dogs and reminding her boys to collect the chicken eggs.

Erin Jackson

Erin is a project lead and developer for Websites in a Flash. When not coding, Erin can be found trail running, reading and loving/hating working in her yard.

Bettis Cronin

Bettis, yep, named after Jerome Bettis (you’ll know if you are a football fan), was rescued 15 years ago. When he isn’t sniffing for treats in the office, he loves running free on the beach and soaking up the SoCal sun.

The Websites in a Flash Difference

Our team designs and develops with our clients in mind. Your goals are our top priority, and we use our years of experience working on the internet to create a website that will help you reach those goals. We pride ourselves on our willingness to try new things and quick problem-solving techniques. We welcome critiques and never take them personally. We work with you to get the job done and make sure your website is successful.

We are dedicated to creating quality, professional, and easy to navigate websites and web-based apps with speed and easy-to-understand communication. It is our mission to help you complete your goals with continued success.

We look forward to hearing from you, send us an email or give us our call today!