WordPress Management & Security

WordPress is the most popular website platform on the Internet

WordPress has a massive open source community helping to keep the website platform secure from potential attacks, but if you do not keep your WordPress installation or plugins up to date, you are not taking advantage of these security updates. Any security flaws in your website or web server could allow an outside agent to change your website. Common attacks will try to change your website to trick your users into downloading viruses. This is not good for your visitors and will also tank your Google Rankings.

The best way to keep WordPress Secure is to keep it up to date.

Shared Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting

If you have a Shared hosting account, that means you’re sharing a web server with potentially hundreds of other websites. This can cause problems like a slow server as well as security issues as any of those other websites get hacked.

Dedicated Servers are recommended as their resources are dedicated to your website only and all security risks are contained in only your website.

WordPress Hosting Options

Most personal or small business websites use a shared hosting service which can range from $10-$25/month.

Security Certificates range from $65-$250/year.

We recommend a dedicated server or Virtual Private Server (VPS) which can range from $50-400/month depending on your website size.

Our Hosting Services

At Websites in a Flash, we offer two Hosting Options for our clients. For the security of our server, we require all WordPress installations on our server to be kept up to date.

Basic Management

  • Website Hosted on Dedicated WordPress Server
  • Security Certificate
  • WordPress Core and Plugin updates once-a-month
  • Weekly, external, full-website backups

This is the cheaper hosting option, as it does not include reviewing the website for problems, or cover fixing problems that arise from the updates.

Full WordPress Management

  • Website Hosted on Dedicated WordPress Server
  • Security Certificate
  • WordPress Core and Plugin updates twice-monthly
  • Weekly and Daily, website backups saved on an external server
  • Quality control review of website functionality, including contact forms, shopping carts, calendars, etc.
  • Fixing any problems that occur from the updates
  • Reduced Hourly rate for transferring your website

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