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Animating with Flash is great! It’s the most fun you can have while making a website. But a flash animation doesn’t become interactive without ActionScript.

ActionScript Allows you to send orders to many different sections of your flash animation. Any Flash Animation can have hundreds of different movie clips graphics and buttons. A Flash Movie Clip, Flash graphic or Flash button can be within other Flash Movie Clips or graphics. This Can create a very complicated system of Flash Graphics, Movie Clips and Buttons.

If you look at it like a folder system, it becomes easier to understand. Lets Say movieClipA and movieClipB are inside movieClipC (And those are their names respectively.) This is what the hierarchy would look like:

  • movieClipC
    • movieClipA
    • movieClipB

To send an order to movieClipB (like to stop) this would be your command:


What is this “_root.” thing?
This first section is where you are starting the command at. “_root.” tells the command to go to the very first level of your flash movie. To compare this to a Windows machine, this is like telling your computer to go all the way back to “C:\”. Then we have the name of the first movie (movieClipC), and then the name of the second movie (movieClipB). Then Finally we have the command to stop (stop();).

More to come soon,
-Ashton Sanders

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