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Dreamweaver: Disable Searching for New and Changed Files


I use Adobe Dreamweaver 8, and every time I go to design or develop a large website (where I have a large number of files on my local server), I get a little pop up dialog saying:

Opening Site WebsitesinaFlash.com

Searching for new and changed files.
You can safely stop this if you have not
changed any files outside of Dreamweaver…

Here’s a quick screenshot of the dialog that pops up:

Searching for new and changed files.
Searching for new and changed files.

This has been getting increasingly annoying, as if I don’t his stop, it takes up to 10 seconds to finish the scan. Most of the time when I do hit stop, it lags for 6 seconds and then stops.

This scan occurs on any website you have cache enabled. The cache settings on your Dreamweaver website is useful if you use the Dreamweaver file synchronization. It also claims to speed up the Asset panel, link management, and Site Map features. Of these items, I think the link management is the only thing that I use.

How To Disable This

To disable this, open up the Local Info page of your website settings. You can get there through Manage Sites… > Edit or by double clicking on the website name in the drop down on the Files tab. The last option has a checkbox to Enable cache. By unchecking this selection, you won’t have any more trouble with this pop up window/file scan.

Uncheck the Enable Cache checkbox to stop the Search for Files
Uncheck the “Enable Cache” checkbox to stop the Search for Files

That’s been bugging me forever. Not anymore!
Ashton Sanders


  • Great solution! However, do you have any idea why this may have just begun being a problem for me? I’ve run MX for years with the same site (about 300 pages) and would see the “Searching for New and Changed Files…” only once a week or less (and I work with the website everyday). But as of late, the scan happens every time I open the site. I haven’t made any fundamental site changes, rather, the search scan just started happening more and more.

  • I’m pretty sure this only happens when you have a lot of files on your local machine. When there are just a few files, it is hardly noticeable. Did you just download a lot of files for this site?

  • Happening here too on CS3. Anytime I try to move a file, I get prompted to scan. I am doing nothing different today than I was doing before this issue and the site has not had an increase to the # of files as suggested above. I disabled auto caching but the problem persists.

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