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Force a CSS Refresh in WordPress

Force a CSS Refresh in WordPress

WordPress Development for clients can have a number of different common problems. One problem I used to run into regularly is after I’ve completed a website update or programmed a new plugin for their website, and I send it to the client to check out. when clients don’t do a hard refresh, and so don’t […]

Websites in a Flash CSS Reset v1

Websites in a Flash CSS Reset v1

As one does more and more work with CSS, you start to create a CSS Reset that work well for you and your workflow. There is some important code that I always recommend having on any website, so it’s more of “CSS Starter Code” that a “CSS Reset”. I’ll probably update this more in the […]

Firefox Adding and Removing Scrollbar (CSS Fix)

In Firefox, if the webpage you are viewing is not taller than your screen (and doesn’t need a scrollbar), Firefox will completely remove the scroll bar from your screen. This adds 20px of more space to your view space. Unfortunately, if your website is centered, this will actually move your webpage 10px to the left […]

CSS Scroll Box instead of iFrames

You’ve probably heard “iframes are horrible with search engines.” Well, they are. I recently had a client want me to create scroll boxes for their website so they could fit 1000+ words into a 300×457 pixel scroll box. How can I create this scroll box without the iframe? Well, you are about to find out. […]

CSS – Paragraph Indent Text

“Can you indent the paragraphs?” This can be a very dreaded request to a web designer who doesn’t know better. This may mean that you have to go through and add       to the front of every paragraph… or if you are a CSS Master, you know about text-indent! All it takes is […]

Programming on Principle

There are many different ways to program websites. There a many different ways to program the exact same website. If you gave the same design to 100 different website developers, you would end up with 100 pages (that probably all looked fairly similar) and 100 completely different HTML code. Is it possible to say if […]

CSS – Absolute Position Sidebar

This is what I call CSS tip in 30 seconds: It is very useful to be able to put your navigation bar or side bar at the bottom of your HTML, and absolute position it to appear up on your site where you want it to go. This is actually pretty easy. If you just […]

CSS – Unordered and Ordered Lists

As many young website designers do, when I first got started working with HTML and CSS, I tired to stay as far away from Unordered Lists (<ul>) and Ordered Lists (<ol>). Everyone has their own reasons, but I just thought there was too much to learn about it before I could get it to do […]

CSS – Float

Their is magic in Cascading Style Sheets. (Some properties more than others, but still magic.) Float is one of those CSS properties that really fundamental for any developer trying to create layouts without any tables. CSS – Float There are three possible values for float: right, left and none. They are pretty self-explanatory, but here […]