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Non-Profit Website for Local Food Pantry

Non-Profit Website for Local Food Pantry Website Design on Desktop and Mobile

About Grand Sheramina Food Bank

The Grand Sheramina Food Bank, situated in Sheridan, Oregon, offers vital food assistance to the local community, focusing on residents of Sheridan and Willamina. They accept donations and distribute food boxes on specific days, playing a crucial role in hunger relief through community support, donations, and volunteer involvement. Their operations are dedicated to collecting and distributing food donations to those in need, emphasizing community engagement and support for those facing food insecurity.

Non-Profit Website for Local Food Pantry Description

Grand shermana community bank.

We’re very proud to have built the Grand Sheramina Food Bank website from the ground up in under 1 week! Even with focusing on the user-friendly design to enhances visitor engagement. As the Grand Sheramina Food Bank did not have a website, this project included everything they needed for a new website:

  • Domain name selection and registration
  • Hosting setup
  • WordPress Installation
  • User experience and business goals research and recomendations
  • Custom WordPress Theme development
  • Logo digitizing
  • Facebook page management access

As you can see, we helped them with more than just the creation of the website, layout, and various pages. We also helped with their logo and Facebook page.

We tailored this website to provide an intuitive and accessible online experience. By prioritizing navigability and the seamless presentation of information, we’ve established a digital platform that effectively communicates the food bank’s mission and services services. We also have worked with their payment gateways to create a way for the community to donate online.

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