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About Perfection Home Systems

Perfection Home Systems has been installing and repairing heating and cooling systems in homes since 1981. They are the company to go to in the greater Sacramento, California area. They were referred to us by YNot Web, Digital Marketing Strategists that we have known for many years. Perfection Home Systems is a corporation led by Bob Kennedy, who has been in the industry for over 50 years. They pride themselves on their strong work ethic, industry knowledge, and the level of care that they give their customers. They treat their employees like family, and it shows in their job satisfaction and excellent workmanship. Check out their family page to see photos of their loyal staff.

They have 3 main categories of services that they offer, Heating, Cooling, and Indoor Comfort. And when you go to their website, you can see all of their services in detail. They also feature a blog on their website with consistent posts about energy-saving tips, product information, and the latest industry news. If you live in the Sacramento, be sure to call Perfection Home Systems for all your heating and cooling needs!

Website Description

Perfection Home Systems Logo

In our initial meeting with Perfection Home Systems, we reviewed their website (now old) and learned about their business and what their goals were for the new website. They wanted visitors to be able to contact them easily; they wanted a fresh, modern, and professional look, as well as several contact forms and an easy-to-navigate services page.

After we conducted our research on other businesses in the industry, we began to layout a brand new design. We came up with a new color scheme that pairs a fresh and bright green with the dark blue color that they had in their logo. This combination is eye-catching and has a positive and welcoming effect.

Next, we arranged the first part of the homepage so that as soon as you visit the website, you understand what they offer and see exactly how to contact them. The image we chose as the hero or splash image just happens to be a service person pointing to a thermostat, which is also where we placed the contact form.

We created 3 unique icons to represent their 3 main service categories; heating, cooling, and home comfort. These are featured on the homepage and on the services page. These icons allow visitors to understand and navigate to what they are looking for quickly. The rest of the design features bright images, bold text, and easy-to-see buttons so that you can move quickly to the contact page or read more.

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