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About LivePad

LivePad offers revolutionary research tools tailored for the real estate market. Their platform integrates real-time MLS data feeds, allowing users to access the latest property listings with ease. This functionality ensures homebuyers and real estate agents are viewing the most current and relevant property information.

LivePad's advanced appointment setting software streamlines the process of scheduling property tours. This feature enhances the efficiency of viewing multiple properties, making the home-buying journey more manageable and time-effective.

LivePad includes unique features like on-screen routing to highlight local amenities and interactive tools for capturing photos, videos, and notes during property tours. This comprehensive approach not only aids in decision-making but also personalizes the experience, allowing buyers to rank properties based on their preferences and retrieve all their collected data instantly post-tour.

Thoughts from the Client

"Websites in a Flash built us a brand new website for our new business venture. They worked with us to create a design quickly, and they were VERY helpful in figuring out the best way to embed our videos on our website. Thanks again for the great work on the website! This thing is smokin'!!! We would HIGHLY recommend working with them on your next web design project. "

-Brad L., Live Pad Real Estate Application

Real Estate Technology Website Description

A group of people standing in front of a house with the livepad logo.

This website initially launched as an informational platform, it has undergone three major updates, transforming it into a dynamic tool for client acquisition.

Today, it not only disseminates information but also features landing pages designed to convert potential clients into paying customers. The site’s integrated online payment system ensure that users have all the necessary information and can easily sign up for their technology platform.

Future plans could see full integration between the website purchasing system and their application payment and user-creation systems.

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