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Xterra is more than just an impressive IT company; their solutions, ethics, and services go above and beyond to help their customers succeed and reach their fullest potential. With years of industry experience, they are masters at Systems and Network infrastructure and security. They take great pride in building relationships with their clients; they assess exactly what they need and make it happen; this includes full-time IT services, part-time or assistance with their existing IT department. They have successfully helped Legal Professionals, Educational Institutions, Local and State Government Offices, Medical Practices, Hospitals, and more with their IT solutions and security.

Website Description

Xterra website case study page.

The Xterra website is beautifully branded and succinctly describes what they offer. If your company needs IT services but you aren’t sure precisely what you need or how to proceed, then their website has all the information, and it is very easy to understand. It was almost a perfect website, yet something wasn’t right. The site was slow and not performing as well as it should be. They had the content, but red flags showed up in Google Insights and page speed tests. They needed someone who could drastically improve the speed of their website.

After we analyzed their website code and discussed their goals it was determined that the site needed to be completely from scratch; while not changing the design, look or feel of the website. We started from scratch and re-built their website from the ground up, recreating every element of their website. We decreased the total file size of their home page by over 60%!

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