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WordPress – Order/Group Posts by Category or Taxonomy

WordPress – Order/Group Posts by Category or Taxonomy

Sometimes, we get requests to create very custom displays of WordPress Posts. Other times we need to display a WordPress custom post type and group it by it’s category or custom taxonomy. WordPress category pages don’t have any customization in the normal WordPress admin dashboard, but through the template files, we’re able to customize to […]

PHP Mail Fail on Windows IIS Server

Over the years I’ve transferred a number (too many) PHP websites to Windows servers running PHP (or have had to install PHP apps on a windows server, etc.). One of the biggest problems I always run into when using PHP on a Windows IIS Server is that the PHP Mail Function doesn’t work. The solution […]

Redirecting Page Extensions with htaccess

If you are not familiar with htaccess, you are missing out. It is one of the greatest things about linux/php hosting. One little file that gives you a wide range of control. Here is one of the most useful parts of htaccess: Redirecting Many Pages From .html to .php (or “/”) at Once Today, I […]

What CMS Fits Your Website Needs?

This is a question I’ve been asking for a few years. Recently, I’ve heard a lot about WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, but it’s practically impossible to find someone who knows all three and is unbiased enough to tell you the pros and cons of each. Through Montana Programmers, I’ve been able to find a very […]

mssql_connect(): unable to connect to server:

I have a PHP script that I run locally (on my Windows XP Machine) that accesses a MSSQL server using the mssql_connect() function. I used xampp to get PHP on my machine. Today I finished getting this to work on my second computer. The first time I did this, I also ran into a million […]

Simple PHP Blog

I have already done a lot of ranting and raving about Blogger and WordPress. Although I consider these two to be the leaders of the blogging pack (by a large margin), I did run across a blog using Simple PHP Blog, and was impressed. It doesn’t have all the crazy features like the other two, […]

PHP – Finding the Width or Height of an Image

Knowing the width, height, Image type or attributes of an image can be extremely useful. I’ve used this once to make a line of images all line up on the bottom. I found out the height of the image and then added a margin to the top of the image to make the bottom of […]

Blogger vs WordPress – Remote Site

When I first started this blog, I did a little bit of research about blogs, and chose Blogger. Now that I’ve been using Blogger for almost a year, I’ve started another blog, about Mordheim, with WordPress, and here are my thoughts: Blogger Overview Blogger is very simple and user-friendly. There is a reason they are […]

Content Management System for Websites

From my years of working on the internet, I have come to realize that the one thing that almost all of my clients desire, is the ability to manage their own website. This way, they never have to wait on their web guy to change a phone number on their website. If they have a […]