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AWeber Email Marketing Review

AWeber is a very popular web-based email marketing service. What is an email marketing service? An email marketing service is a company that does all of the technical aspects of maintaining an email/newsletter list. If you want to start sending out an email newsletter, since it is one of the best ways of marketing on […]

Where’s Ashton Sanders

It has been a crazy year so far, and we barely finished the first quarter. Websites in a Flash has been keeping me very busy, so I have been neglecting all of my blogs. But at least I do have something to show those who ask “What has Ashton Sanders been up to?” This blog […]

mssql_connect(): unable to connect to server:

I have a PHP script that I run locally (on my Windows XP Machine) that accesses a MSSQL server using the mssql_connect() function. I used xampp to get PHP on my machine. Today I finished getting this to work on my second computer. The first time I did this, I also ran into a million […]

Dreamweaver 8 Deleting Usernames and Passwords

I had a problem a long time ago, and again recently, and figured I’m not the only one to have this problem: Every time I close and open my Dreamweaver 8 (weather I restarted my computer in between or not) I would not be able to connect to the website I had been using last. […]

Open Source PHP Gallery – Plogger3 Review

I have been doing some research into Open Source PHP Image/Photo Galleries for a couple clients. The first Gallery I have created is using Plogger 3, and I’m pretty happy with the results. You can see the Gallery I created on Delphi Troop 555 Website. Plogger Gallery Installation: Plogger is as simple to install as […]

Good News

It’s not very often that you see the News reporting on uplifting or good news. It’s really a shame that the general public is so attracted to “bad news”; creating a television system where only “bad news” gets good ratings. I did happen upon a couple great stories of good people doing things that only […]

CSS Scroll Box instead of iFrames

You’ve probably heard “iframes are horrible with search engines.” Well, they are. I recently had a client want me to create scroll boxes for their website so they could fit 1000+ words into a 300×457 pixel scroll box. How can I create this scroll box without the iframe? Well, you are about to find out. […]

Simple PHP Blog

I have already done a lot of ranting and raving about Blogger and WordPress. Although I consider these two to be the leaders of the blogging pack (by a large margin), I did run across a blog using Simple PHP Blog, and was impressed. It doesn’t have all the crazy features like the other two, […]

1 year and 100+ posts!

Well it has been a year since my first post here on Website Design in a Flash, and this will be my 104th post! This was my first blog that really got me started in the world of blogging, and I have learned a lot. I hope that I can continue to provide useful information […]